Dear blog…it snowed again…

Dear blog,

Well another dumping of snow arrived overnight. Although now with the sun is shining and the temperature warming up, it’s actually pretty nice out there. The fresh snow makes everything look so pristine, clean and beautiful, especially when the sun hits the snow and it shimmers. I could sit and stare out to our backyard all day long.

Snowy Backyard

view from my bedroom

It resembles an oasis of white diamonds that you might come across after snowshoeing or cross-country skiing into the wildness for a couple of hours. It’s the perfect mix of openness, trees, snow, and sparkle all mixed into one with the occasional bunny rabbit track. How much better can it get? I feel so blessed and so utterly grateful to have a home that I love so completely. The house itself and the layout are amazing but it’s more than that. It’s the entire surrounding yard that is my idea of perfection turned into reality. I couldn’t have created it better if I had drawn it out for a contractor myself.

It’s like the previous owners had a window into my soul and knew that we’d be coming so they erected this perfect piece of heaven for me. How many people get to relish in that level of pure joy about their home? I don’t know but I sure wish everyone did. It brings me such…peace!

Snowy Backyard

view from my bathroom

What else is new? Well I’ve been battling yet again another cold. I assume it’s because I have been feeling very overwhelmed at work and usually my body will speak up quite venomously and loudly when that happens forcing me to take some much-needed down time to gain perspective and clarity. So be it. I stayed home Thursday and Friday and rested and relaxed and although I am still feeling quite stuffy, I know I am on the mend.

Last week we booked our trip to Punta Cana – woot woot! We are going in mid-April for two weeks to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary and to say we are excited is to put it lightly. We really enjoyed the two weeks last year for our wedding. I am not sure if two weeks will suit us without quite as many people and distractions. I know a lot of people say that they find two weeks in the Caribbean a bit long but we figure we’ll give it a try to see how we feel. Scott did take to the Dominican lifestyle quite naturally so I have no doubt we’ll love every second of the trip. Although come summer with little to no vacation to take, we might regret it but alas there’s only one way to find out. I am pumped.

Given the pending DR trip, we’ve been trying to focus on creating a healthier lifestyle since January. We haven’t done too badly. Scott’s dropped about 10-15 pounds and I’ve lost a whopping four pounds. Okay, so I need to step it up; especially if I am going to fit into my shorts and bikinis from last year. My best friend Mel, who came with us last year for both weeks and who will be joining us again this year for both weeks, is a fitness and nutrition guru having worked in the industry for seven years and she’s gone hard-core on my sorry ass – good thing! I got a scathing email from her on Friday night after I admitted to eating theatre popcorn at the movies (albeit, no additional butter). Alas, the “talking to” was something I desperately needed and she quite rightly put me in my place. I got myself into this place/body through my choices and the only way to something different is through my choices. Tell me something, why is it soooo easy to put it on but so bloody hard to take it off? Anyway, Mel’s promised to stay “on me” to help me with accountability and I think with her motivation and emails, I may be able to do it. I just gotta stay away from the theatre and restaurants – I am simply too weak to resist.

Well dear blog, that’s about it for me today – laundry calls. I wish everyone a very happy, warm, relaxing and peaceful Sunday!

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