Five quirks of mine that I just adore

I am a quirky person. And…honestly…I’ve come to love and adore those little oddities that I get to call all my own. I think those funky personality traits that make us each unique and special are to be celebrated! Although I know some of mine drive Scott to the brink of insanity; in truth…he loves them just as much as I do because they are what makes me – ME!


I absolutely love rules. Lawfully imposed rules, moral rules, flexible guidelines – I love them all! And who would have thought it if you reviewed my teenage years where I spent most of my time figuring out how far I could bend and break the rules without too serious of consequences. But now I love rules. Most of them I know are personally imposed; a matter of perspective and interpretation. For me, they help generate a feeling of structure and security. I also feel a great sense of personal integrity and self-esteem from following those lawful and moral rules that are important to me; “my word is my bond” kind of thing. I don’t cheat at games, or in relationships, I don’t peek into Christmas presents, and I try to be as honest a person as I can be. Rules Rock!

Lists and Plans

OMG – don’t get me started with how much I ADORE lists and plans. They are my lifeline, my guideposts, and my heroes. If I am feeling frazzled or overwhelmed, all I need to do is sit down and compose a plan with supporting to do lists and I am a happy, organized, calm girl. It’s like by putting it down on paper, I feel less apt to forget something, I get the anxiety out of my head, and it enables me to relax and just start checking stuff off. They help me feel on top of my home and professional life. Poor Scott is constantly inundated with “honey, I have a plan…” or “here’s a list of stuff to get done for the weekend.” Although he isn’t a big fan of the lists and plans, thankfully he sees the extraordinary value they’ve brought to our lives (and saved our butts more than once) so he’s pretty accepting of this quirk. Although, we have agreed, no more Christmas shopping lists – he had to draw the line somewhere.


I have always been someone who values my sleep. As a baby and a child, my mother said that she never had an issue at bedtime with me; I always went easily and happily. Nothing much has changed in that realm. I like my sleep! Seriously, I would be thrilled if I could get nine to 10 hours of sleep every weeknight, although I settle for around eight hours. On weekends, ten hours (with an afternoon nap if we have late evening plans) is ideal! Now mind you, I don’t let my love of sleep control my living but, it does mean that I can get a wee bit rigid on my bedtime. Most evenings, I calculate backwards the number of hours of sleep I want, the amount of time my bedtime routine takes (including some bedtime reading), so that I know exactly when I want to be jumping in the sack. And once I hit that time threshold – watch out. I get awfully grumpy if interrupted or delayed. However, in the last year, I’ve worked hard to relax a little bit because I know this is one quirk Scott wishes I’d “loosen” up on.

Being on Time

I am seriously obsessed with being on time! It’s a huge pet peeve of mine if people are constantly late for no good reason. Now I understand, life happens and we (me included) are all late from time to time. But for me personally, I strive, almost to a fault, to be on time. I think it’s because I feel like it’s a part of my integrity and says a lot about my character. If I tell you that I am going to be somewhere, at a certain time, I am there. You can count on me. Your time, and my time, are important and both deserve to be mutually respected. But – as with any obsession – I can take it a bit far. For example, in the mornings, I used to turn into a huge grump if we were running a few minutes past our usual departure time. Or I could get a serious cranky on if we were leaving the house rushed to get to a family dinner at my Mom’s. And, in both those cases, arriving five to 15 minutes late isn’t the end of the world. So…this year I turned over a new leaf recognizing it’s about knowing when being on time is a matter of respect and integrity and when being close to one time is acceptable. So far, I am doing wonderfully!

What little quirks about yourself do you love or what ones would you change?



  1. Many of your quirks are the same a friend of mine has 🙂 I’m sure there are kindred spirits out there for you to compare quirks with

  2. I think I really like them. 🙂 your quirks, i mean. Keep on being you.

  3. This is an insightful list! As a personality psychologist, I’d tell you that in all these categories what you are describing is a very high “conscientiousness” level. Timeliness, listmaking, organization, rule-following are all prime examples of the trait. (Loving sleep is not — but your list of bedtime routines and planning certainly are)

    These are good traits to have as long as they aren’t crazy extreme. Here’s my fave example of extreme conscientiousness…

    My mom set me up on a date when I was in grad school (you KNOW this won’t go well, right?!) We went to dinner before seeing an opera (can’t recall which one). The restaurant was extremely crowded because it was parents’ weekend and we didn’t have a reservation. We waited a long, long time to be seated. So long that once we had a seat and the waitress arrived, he asked me if I minded getting our food to go (it was PASTA!!) so we could get to the opera in time to read the playbill. This poor guy looked like he was going to fall apart if we didn’t leave ASAP for the show. “I always get there early so I can read the synopsis,” he told me. “Always.” He was so agitated it was like dating someone on crack. Actually, I have no idea what it is like to date someone on crack. I am just guessing. 😉 Anyway, the only way I could salvage the dinner was to tell him I had read up on the opera before our date (because I didn’t want to look like an idiot) and assure him I would explain it in the car on the way to the theater. Needless to say, there wasn’t a second date. He was WAY too quirky for me!

    • Welcome Heidi! Love your comment, thank you for reading and posting. I nearly laughed outloud reading your date example – what a riot! Poor you and poor guy – it’s gotta suck being wound that tight. I agree completely, I think any personality trait in its extreme can hinder instead of excel our lives and the relationships we enjoy. I feel like I’ve come a long way in learning to relax and to try and not infringe my “quirks” on others – as an example, not getting overtly crankie when we are running a few minutes late in the mornings – my need to be specifically on time isn’t necessarily Scott’s nor is it a life/death situation. 🙂 I know that sometimes it’s still a struggle but I’ve definitely come a long way at finding the balance between enjoying my quirks and not letting them reak havoc in my life. By the way, I checked out your blog and think it’s great – I look forward to reading it and catching up!

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