Let the birthday seasons begin

This weekend was one of fun, friends, and shopping. Friday night I celebrated another gal pal’s upcoming birthday with dinner, wine, and lots of laughs. We were in the midst a serious snow storm (30 cm) so there was no better place to be but warm and inside. I wasn’t worried about getting home on the roads since this storm was no match for our newly acquired Dodge Ram (Scott was my chauffeur since I was enjoying some drinks). There’s something very special about girlie evenings where you sit around, munch on great food and great wine, and just ramble steadily for a couple of hours about boys, jobs, gossip etc. We tee-heed for hours and I came home feeling rejuvenated and giddy!

On Saturday, Scott and I ran errands and did some BIRTHDAY gift shopping. Scott’s 40th bday is around the corner (Jan 27) and I felt like the milestone warranted something special and long-lasting. We do have a dinner party and evening out planned for a Saturday night celebration with friends and family but still – it’s his 40th – and I am a huge birthday person so we needed to commemorate with some serious shopping.

Given the winter season, the recent dumping of snow, and our desperate efforts to try to find winter sports that ease the pain of getting through our  New Brunswick winters (which usually last about 5 months), cross-country skis came to mind. We have snowshoes and have enjoyed them in the past but – there’s something missing. I thought skis might be just the ticket. I would have actually preferred to buy downhill skis but the budget wasn’t quite that extensive so cross-country it was. And low and behold, Scott was on board with the idea so off we went Saturday a.m. shopping up a storm.

$700 bucks later, we were both geared up with skis, poles, boots and bindings (Happy Birthday to me to…again!)

We went out Sunday to give the little suckers a try. I cross-country skied as a young girl but hadn’t been on a set in about 20 years. Although I was shaky and wobbly (and did take a tumble), I loved it. And WOW – what a workout! We only went about 30 minutes and we are STILL recovering. Although, a contributing factor to my soreness may have been a zealous Pilates session Sunday evening adding to my screaming core, shoulders, and inner thighs! I stepped on the scale Sunday morning and had only lost 1.6 pounds in 20 days even with ALL my efforts so I got a bit extreme…no kidding!

I can’t wait to get out on the skis again. Hopefully, we will get out this weekend if we aren’t too “hung over” after the celebrations Saturday evening.

And…guess what arrived today…my KINDLE!

I have loaded Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol and the Sookie Stackhouse series of eight books – in a mere 30 seconds (for everything…holy sh*t) and for a total of $40 bucks! Woot woot! I expect this will be a good start and now that my Kindle baby is fully charged, I think I’ll head off to bath and bed and give it a whirl…Stay tuned….


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