Blog of the Month – Views From Nature

So I am a bit late on my Blog of the Month post – not sure what happened but I had the post all drafted and then…forgot to post. So without further ado, this month I would like to highlight Views From Nature. It is one of my absolutely favorite blogs to read.

Summary of the blog

It’s a fantastic mix of personal journal postings on everyday things like ups and downs and regular happenings along with creative writing posts that feature great fictional stories. I love it. The author uses a lot of prompts from the Red Writing Hood and Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, which gives the blog a lot of variety, flare, and creativity!


Why I like the blog

Every time I sit down and read it I always find myself wanting more.

I love how this blogger gives the two main fictionally characters that keep popping up in her writings their own page; Amy and Elle. It makes following the novels-in-progress and the stories, not to mention catching up, easy.

Add to that, Amy and Elle’s stories have me completely enthralled. Every time I finish reading the latest post, I am breathless waiting for the next. The author’s story-telling abilities and writings are simply extraordinary.

And then throughout her blog post, she brings in new and interesting characters scattered throughout. The blog is simply a wonderful mix of real-life writings along with fictional stories all woven together with beautiful, flowing prose that is a pleasure to read.

Won’t you join me in my latest addiction?

Posts that spoke to me

Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop: The Law – as with most of the posts on this blog, when I started reading I was confused and curious – I love the out-of-the-box imagination – and it’s a storyline I’ve never seen before. It felt like I was reading a novel and at the end of the post, I was disappointed there wasn’t more.

Red Writing Hood: Love Defined – this is a post about a woman giving birth, under obviously odd circumstances, and if you read “The Law” prior, you’ll have a sense of connection between the stories. From the very first paragraph, I was hooked.

Red Writing Hood: Dreams – in this post, we fast forward a little bit into Elle’s life. It’s a post about a little girl and little boy looking at a decorated Christmas tree. The little girl knows nothing of the tradition of Christmas at all and the little boy tries to explain it. The post left me with a million questions about Elle – who is she? Where does she live? Why don’t they celebrate Christmas? Where is her mother? Definitely more to the story here…like I said, always left wanting more…

And let’s not forget Amy…

Red Writing Hood: The Confrontation – here we meet Amy in the midst of a tight situation, stuck in the elevator with her worst, most feared work enemy, Abigail. And I am sure you’ll all join me in virtually screaming “give it to her girl” as you read the confrontation.

Be sure to check out Views From Nature – it’s definitely a worthwhile, fun visit and I guarantee, you’ll keep going back for more.



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog which led me to yours. I like that you’ve posted opportunities for others to read and explore the works of other writers. Thank you. I look forward to exploring your blog and those you’ve written about. I’ve bookmarked you so that I can return!

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you for the Blog of the Month post! I’m honored 🙂

    I’ve got another little “amy” related post up today…probably not something that would end up in the final cut of the novel but still fun to do.

    Thank you again

    • My pleasure – I thoroughly enjoy your blog, the writings, and look forward the the continued adventures of Amy and Elle (and anyone else who pops up). Loved today’s ABC post and can’t imagine how difficult it was getting towards the end but you did a marvelous job. As always, a great read and I can’t wait for more (as always)! 🙂

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