I am diggin’ my new office

I am very proud of myself. I took about four hours today and managed to tick one task off my long list of New Year resolutions. I finalized my office and it feels fantastic!

I move my desk so that now as I sit and type, I can look out the window and see the trees, the driveway and the gorgeous, crisp, fresh snow. And I can watch the sunset.

I moved my bookshelf so that it no longer partly covers the window. It is to my back making it easy to grab references or resources while I am working.

I hung pictures and painting and made the wall alongside the window my serenity wall – so when I turn right and casually peer out the window, I also see a small wall with my pale blue Relax, Imagine, Dream paintings etc. They complement the paint color perfectly. This wall simply makes me feel wonderful and at peace.

I also went through every drawer and piece of paper and got some insane filing done. Phew – what a job but it’s nice not to look at it any more.

What’s left (the gravy – nice to haves):

  • I’d love to move the dog food storage out of my closet and have Scott install some shelving so I can store more stuff in the closet.
  • I want a larger table for the serenity wall so I can have pictures, candles etc. I would also like a nice plant stand so I can have more than one plant enjoying the sunlight in the afternoons.
  • I definitely want a new chair – I slide out of this one constantly. Very annoying when you are trying to get into a writing groove.
  • A new keyboard set-up would be nice. For some reason, my wrists hurt when I use this one. Maybe I just need a wrist gel pad for the keyboard and the mouse.
  • Perhaps another book shelf and an area rug!?!

Either way, as it is, it’s a huge improvement. I finally like the room and I want to come in here and work, create, write, explore. It feels like home. It’s comfortable and serene. Check out some shots:

What kinds of writing/creating places have you created?


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