New year…resolutions???

This year I have a very long list of…well…I guess you’d call them resolutions. Maybe I am biting off more than I can chew but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t dream big! This year, it’s about a total lifestyle shift for me. We finally have the house we want, the get-away camp, the toys – everything! No more distractions via the business of living – now it’s time to get “how” I live in order.

I put together this long list of goals, ideas, and objectives to help me define where I want to create change. Although the 2010 weight loss boot camp was a total bust, in the spirit of not letting past indiscretions get me down, I am going to push forward and do my best to focus on success. I know I can do it and I feel like this is the year. Here we go.

Healthy Lifestyle (drop 30 pounds in 12 months)

  • Meal plan on Sundays for the entire week
  • 15 minutes stretching every day
  • Pilates every other day
  • Stairs at work every day
  • Walk 30/minutes a day
  • Eating out restricted to four times a month
  • Watch 50% less TV
  • Meditate 20 minutes a day (start by meditating 10 minutes/day for the first month)


  • Finalize office space (desk, book shelves, shelving, wall accents)
  • Paint Deck

Writing – Blog                                                            

  • Finalize and implement new blog design (January 1)
  • Post in a more “dear diary” style and post with less self-censorship
  • Post every other day – Monday, Wednesday, Friday type

Writing – Book (rough draft in 12 months)

  • Finish reading Weekend Novelist and complete exercises
  • Finalize outline and character developments
  • Write at least one hour a day

Professional (attain CCC level in 12 months – advanced bilingual)

  • Talk in French 30 minutes a day – at work
  • Read in French 15 minutes a day – at work
  • Listen to radio in French 15 minutes a day – at work
  • Complete 30 minutes of French grammar work a day – at work

So there you have it – the 2011 list of resolution. It’s a lifestyle over haul and I think we are ready and prime for the picking! Wish me luck…

What are your New Year resolutions? How do you ensure success?



  1. I’m not into the resolutions thing. Success for me in many ways are less tangible. My biggest role is that of husband and that has rewards that are not easy to recognize.

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