New year…resolutions???

This year I have a very long list of…well…I guess you’d call them resolutions. Maybe I am biting off more than I can chew but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t dream big! This year, it’s about a total lifestyle shift for me. We finally have the house we want, the get-away camp, the toys – everything! No more distractions via the business of living – now it’s time to get “how” I live in order.

I put together this long list of goals, ideas, and objectives to help me define where I want to create change. Although the 2010 weight loss boot camp was a total bust, in the spirit of not letting past indiscretions get me down, I am going to push forward and do my best to focus on success. I know I can do it and I feel like this is the year. Here we go.

Healthy Lifestyle (drop 30 pounds in 12 months)

  • Meal plan on Sundays for the entire week
  • 15 minutes stretching every day
  • Pilates every other day
  • Stairs at work every day
  • Walk 30/minutes a day
  • Eating out restricted to four times a month
  • Watch 50% less TV
  • Meditate 20 minutes a day (start by meditating 10 minutes/day for the first month)


  • Finalize office space (desk, book shelves, shelving, wall accents)
  • Paint Deck

Writing – Blog                                                            

  • Finalize and implement new blog design (January 1)
  • Post in a more “dear diary” style and post with less self-censorship
  • Post every other day – Monday, Wednesday, Friday type

Writing – Book (rough draft in 12 months)

  • Finish reading Weekend Novelist and complete exercises
  • Finalize outline and character developments
  • Write at least one hour a day

Professional (attain CCC level in 12 months – advanced bilingual)

  • Talk in French 30 minutes a day – at work
  • Read in French 15 minutes a day – at work
  • Listen to radio in French 15 minutes a day – at work
  • Complete 30 minutes of French grammar work a day – at work

So there you have it – the 2011 list of resolution. It’s a lifestyle over haul and I think we are ready and prime for the picking! Wish me luck…

What are your New Year resolutions? How do you ensure success?

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