A year in review: 2010

2010 was a year of change and activity. In a sense, it felt like we crammed in a couple of years of action into one year as we moved at warp speed getting our ducks in a row.

January – our offer on the new home was accepted and we sold our mini home, all with coordinating closing dates so most of the month was spent packing and purging.

February – we packed up our mini home life and moved into our new house.  The court case for Mamma K began with plea entry, trial, etc and over the course of the year; we were in court 10 times.

March – I celebrated turning 35 as we settled into our new home. And Scott and I also celebrated bachelor and bachelorette parties with friends and family.

April – we spent two weeks in the beautiful Dominican Republic. For the first week, we were there with 25 friends and family with whom we celebrated and shared our Caribbean wedding. The second week, we enjoyed our relaxing, once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.

May – we had an incredibly early spring in New Brunswick and we got out golfing for most of May. Scott got a ride-on lawn mower and Tess got shaved for the summer weather. We also planted a flowering crab tree in our backyard in memory of Mamma K.

June – we hosted our wedding reception at our new home. Scott graduated from a year-long course he had been taking through work that was at a university level. We spent a lot of the month at the camp and updated the bathroom. We spent some time at the beach, golfed, and did some canoeing and fishing.

July – we purchased a Rhino 450 and we spent most of the month at the camp driving the Rhino and gettin’ dirty!

August – marked the one-year anniversary of the death of Mamma K and we commemorated the day with a beautiful memorial. We started some major camp renovations by redoing the kitchen. And, I started this blog.

September – we continued with camp renovations. We traded in our SUV for a 4X4 Dodge RAM, which is much more appropriate to our lifestyle. My brother, his wife, and three kids (who live about 1500 kilometers away) came for a visit.

October – we finished the camp kitchen renos. We celebrated Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family at the camp. We attended an annual family pumpkin carving day with Scott’s family.

Kitchen before

Kitchen after

November – we spent nearly every weekend at the camp relaxing and enjoying the hard work from our late summer renovations. We did a lot of Rhino travels.

December – the second Christmas without Mamma K was tough and it was our first Christmas in our new home.

All in all, it felt like a jam-packed year with tons of change, hard work, fun, tough times, sadness, mourning, growth, and celebration. Looking back over the list, it doesn’t seem to sum up the feelings inside that I have when I think about the past year and everything we accomplished and overcame but there it lies.

For 2011, I am hoping that things calm down a little bit with more time spent on consciously creating the lifestyle that we want – the balance between work, play, and creativity.



  1. I have a suggestion. Take all of 2011 off. You guys need a break!

  2. just trying to be helpful!

  3. Love this post as well! The photos are such a great way to see the spirit of everything you guys did (and what a cute couple!). On my list of “to dos” for 2011 is to finally invest in a digital camera. I’ve done the research and seen what Consumer Reports recommends…then stalled and not gotten anything. Analysis Paralysis all day long over here. It would be great to document life with more photos. I’m inspired to maybe try a similar 2010 in review post. 🙂

    • Thank you!! I could have posted piles more…lol…we are huge photo people – digital cameras are great because you can go snap crazy and keep what you like and delete the rest. I honestly got away from printing unless I am framing so it’s not expensive – most of my pics are on Facebook or in venus like this – stored digitally. Scott has a Sony cybershot that he loves. I have the Canon PowerShot SD960, which I love. I think you get better color with the Canon but they are both great. What I love is the price – both ran around the $250 mark (Cnd) which means we can update every couple of years. They are light, portable and point and shoot. Mind you, you don’t get that “pro” quality but they work for us perfectly. And I can always enhance in Photoshop if I desire. And if we drop them in the water on one of our adventures, it isn’t the end of the world because we haven’t invested huge dollars. We really enjoy going through those digital albums or loading photos on digital frames – too much fun – I highly recommend you make the leap – just start with something inexpensive and easy and see how it feels.

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