Getting through the holiday season

I haven’t had a chance to post as often as I would have liked to in the last few weeks. It’s a crazy time of year trying to tie up loose ends at work and get all the Christmas shopping and visiting done. Add to that, we had our fiasco day in court, Scott came down with pneumonia and has been in bed sick for nine days now, I fought a five-day migraine, and one of my best friend’s grandfather died. It’s been a lot to muddle through.

Add to that, the holiday season for us, isn’t what it used to be. Mamma K always came up and spent this time of year with us so as far as year two without her goes, it’s as depressing as year one. Mind you, we have decorated this year and shopped a little bit but the overall joy and excitement that came with Christmas is simply gone. As sad as that might sound, honestly, I am okay with it because I think we are doing remarkably well.

Having lost my Dad at 16, I know that the special Christmas spirit can take a long time to come back and infuse itself. It’s normal, it’s understandable. For now, the season is more something to get through; to find the bits of joy and pleasure in it that you can but otherwise, just put the head down and get through it. I am good with that.

For me, I’m trying to focus on other things. Since my work office closes Dec 24 through to Jan 4 (thank the lord for small miracles), I want to use the time off to reconnect with friends and family and also myself.

I want to start 2011 off on the right foot and to do so, I need to take some time and do some careful planning. What is it that I want to accomplish in 2011? 2010 was most certainly a year of change and movement with selling a home, buying a new home, moving into a home, planning a Domincan wedding and two week vacation, organizing an “at home” wedding reception, camp renovations etc. So for 2011, I want to quiet things down a little bit and look a little more inward at what’s going to fulfill my creative side; at creating a healthy lifestyle; at manifesting some dreams come true.

And what better time to do some planning and preparation than Christmas time.

I also think I’ll start 2011 off with a new blog design. Yes – it’ll still be a template but I am playing around to try to find one that suits me a bit better than the pink so…stay tuned!

Happy holidays and all the best to you and yours throughout the season. May 2011 bring you peace, love and much happiness. Please don’t drink and drive.

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