Impaired driving causing death case: it’s off to court we go

Well tomorrow is the big day. We return to court for hopefully one of the last times. We are scheduled to hear the blood expert give testimony as to the blood alcohol level of the medical blood which was attained via a search warrant. We should also hear from a few other witnesses – nurses from the hospital I believe. The Crown has indicated that the judge set an entire day aside to hear the final bits of this case with the intention of rendering a guilty/not guilty at the end of the day.

I pray for it. Our family needs this to be done and over with. We need closure. We need to heal and move on. We’ve been going to court since Feb 2010 and this case has been long, drawn, and painful.

And we need a win!

If found guilty, the court will likely adjourn for 4-6 weeks to have a pre-sentencing report put together and family and friends would be welcome to write and submit victim impact statements. From what we are seeing in news reports etc, he’ll likely get sentenced to three years in prison, suspended license (not sure how long) and a fine of some sort.

If found not guilty, he’ll walk away a free man where he’ll continue driving the streets and living his life as if nothing ever happened…as he has the lat year and half since the accident.

I can’t even begin to imagine the devastation and the crushing blow this would be to my family. I am not sure how we’d ever recover. At this point, I can’t even let myself go there. I am counting on our justice system to come through and even though it’s seemed “sketchy” throughout the process, I pray that in this, they don’t fail us.

To get up to speed on the whole story, see :

Please…keep your fingers crossed!

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