Another drunk driving video that packs a punch

As I sit here, having watched the drunk driving video below, the tears have welled up in my eyes, my throat is burning and choked up, my head is spinning and my heart is pounding. I am overwhelmed with emotions. It’s like it just happened. I remember hearing the words from Scott’s mouth “Mom and Jordan were in a car accident…Mom’s dead!” I remember instinctually reaching for him, running after him…I remember the devastation crushing me, the feeling of intense pain slamming down on my lungs, my heart feeling like it was about to implode. I remember screaming “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And then…I remember finding out they were hit by a drunk driver. I still feel the anger, the pain, the intense, overwhelming feeling of “whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….” Senseless, needless, pointless loss of precious life. The taking of another’s life through ignorance – such disregard for others.

I ask him…how would you feel if I got drunk and ran down your mother? How would you feel if I got behind the wheel of my car smashed and killed your son? How would you feel if I got tipsy and mowed down your girlfriend? And TOOK them from you…forever! In a blink of an eye….gone. Never to hold, to hug, to hear from them again.

Would you forgive? Would you accept? Or would you wish I burned in hell for an eternity of time?

Here is an Australian video which is part of a drunk driving awareness campaign that helps make it real for everyone.

Warning – This video contains some very graphic material.

Please…don’t drink and drive…ever!

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