Weight loss boot camp: final update

BootsWell, with less than a week left in my weight loss boot camp, I thought it was time to just come out with it. The boot camp was a complete and utter failure. Mind you I haven’t put on anymore weight since my last update so that in and of itself could be considered a small win. I know…I am grasping…

Honestly, I am not sure what my issue is other than a severe case of laziness. I haven’t been able to grasp a “just do it already” attitude. I give away to temptations and bad habits with ease and delight. I tell myself “obviously I am just not ready to take this on yet” but in my bones I can hear the cop out. No one is ever “ready” to do the hard work. It’s like quitting smoking; I was never ready to quit, I just made up my mind one day to do it no matter how hard it was – and I followed-through.

I think back six years ago to what was my motivation. Ahhhh….I was falling in love with Scott and he was a non-smoker. Sounds like I need him to now become a non-eater.

One of the things I love most about Scott and I is how similar we are in our ideas and values about living. We are extremists, we love to spend, to play, to laugh, to have fun and to enjoy life to the fullest. We live hard – we live full – and we proactively create the happiness and the life we want to live. We aren’t sitting around waiting for it to happen. We figure out what we want and go after it no holds barred and without apology and I love it!

However, in the eating/exercise arena, this is where we are each other’s worst enemy. If it’s not me, it’s him – we lead each other off the healthy lifestyle wagon and into the warm comforts of a favorite restaurant and yet again, another gorgeous, succulent buffet. We both know it needs to stop. We both know we need to work out and eat healthy to lose a few pounds. But we also both give into temptations at the slightest provocation.

One of us has to get on board the healthy lifestyle train and be the cheerleader (and the commanding officer). I know because we have done it in the past with much success. But I think we keep looking to each other to be the “strong one” and as of yet, neither of us is stepping up.

With Christmas coming up and the insanity of the holiday season, coupled with the emotionality of it, this month isn’t likely to be the one where we grab living healthy by the horns. Even though this is the second Christmas without Scott’s Mom, Mamma K, I actually think this one will be harder given that last year, we were all still quite likely in shock…

I think I am going to kick the boot camp to the curb and just enjoy December guilt-free and with abandonment. Maybe in the new year I will put on my big girl boots and take charge.



  1. Good Luck!

  2. That sounds like a perfect plan, you need to eliminate at least one of your stressors.
    I totally get everything you’ve said, it’s a difficult habit to break. I’ve just taken the conditioning/weight loss thing on myself- I’ve been dieting on and off my whole life and now, at 56, the weight doesn’t come off as easily as before and some of it is settling, most unattractively, around my middle! (how’s that for incentive!)

    • It always helps to know that we aren’t alone in our battles. This is definitely a tough one that I know a lot of people struggle with. I read your post “There’s a man in my life” and loved it. I’ll be interested to hear if you find having a personal trainer makes a substantial difference – and GOOD luck!!!

  3. It is quite possible that you are “just not ready to take this on yet” not as a cop out, but because your energy is in a different place. It can happen when facing any type of life change. As they say, it is a “process.”


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