Life coach – does it work?

My best friend sent me information about a life coach she’s considering seeing. With the new year peaking around the corner and a lot of my “to dos” left unchecked from last year, I thought this might be something worth considering for 2011. So, off I went to check out Alicia’s blog to see what it’s all about.

In the life coaching section, Alicia explains that life coaching is a collaborative relationship designed to help you create powerful, lasting change. It’s not the place to review or analyze past events – it’s very much forward thinking, goal setting, and action oriented. A coach helps you outline attainable steps towards a goal while assisting you in overcoming obstacles. Work is done one-on-one and is based on the premise that most people can achieve their goals if they can identify what they truly are and then put a plan into action to create results. Sounds interesting! Something at this stage of adulthood I think I should be able to do on my own but…maybe a little boost would do the trick!

Alicia wrote that if you said “yes” to any of the below questions, life coaching could be your catalyst for real and lasting change (hmmm…I like the sounds of that):

  1. Would you like to take yourself to the next level, but can’t see where to go or how to get there?
    No. I would like to get to the next level but I can see very clearly where to go and how to get there – it’s the action part I have issues with.
  2. Do you feel stuck, stalled, or drifting, or maybe on the edge of something “big”?
    Yes. To a certain degree I do feel stalled with no real understand why I won’t just “do it” when it comes to weight loss and writing my book. So far, I’ve chalked it up to sheer laziness – how sad is that?! That being said, I do feel on the edge of something big, like there’s something big percolating just below the surface. I’ve felt like that for the last year or so and it just keeps building.
  3. Are you in transition, uncertain about purpose, lacking clarity and commitment?
    Yes. Definitely lacking the commitment thing.
  4. Would you like to create results that matter-in spite of problems and adversity?
  5. Would you like to do more with less and simplify your life?
    No, not really. I have a pretty simple life and what complications I have, I like. They give my life spunk and vibrancy.
  6. Do you want to feel energized, vital, and enthusiastic about your life?

So, it looks like a life coach might be beneficial for me. Although not a therapist or councilor, it sounds like it’s someone more invested in being forward thinking with less regard as to why you haven’t moved in that direction as of yet. I might like that. Maybe a life coach would help me put my weight loss boot camp into high gear (okay, at this point any gear would be an improvement) and in writing my book. Perhaps the accountability would help.

What are your experiences with life coaches? Any great success stories to share?

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