Great bumper stickers

Today I saw two fantastic bumper stickers. More pointedly one was a small window sticker and one was an entire rear window slick. The first brought a smile to my face and made me thankful for the reminder. It was a small light pink sticker on the lower left-hand corner of the car and it read:

“wag more, bark less”

Ahhh – so true! I loved it – simply stated while quite effectively getting the point across.

The second absolutely cracked me up. I must have laughed for hours. It was large white lettering that took up the entire rear window of a jeep Cherokee. It said:

“To All You Guys Driving Neons and Sunfires…YOU GO GIRL!!

I’ve been chuckling all day.

What are some of the great bumper stickers you’ve seen that have left an impression?

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