To theme or not to theme…

As I surf around and read other people’s blogs, I have to admit, I have a bit of blog envy. I admire the great post ideas, the creativity, the amazing writing and storytelling that draws you in and leaves you wanting (and waiting) for more. And sometimes…I covet their blog design.

How often can one change-up the theme? Is this something frowned upon in the blog community? With WordPress giving us so many glorious, beautiful themes and such flexibility with the click of a button, I want to try them all on. I want to change it up, explore, have fun and go wild. But will my readers hate me for my inconsistency or lack of commitment to one “look?”

How often do you change it up when you see something else out there that you like better – that screams “you” just a little bit more?



  1. I get blog envy. Not so much in terms of design, but definitely when seeing some of the great themed ideas people are writing about or if someone hits on a hot topic before I have a chance to do my spin. There is some great stuff out there (and I wish I had extra hours to read it all). In terms of design, since I just started in July, I haven’t felt an urge to change mine. I’ve repositioned some of the widget layout, but left the main header alone.

    • I definitely agree, I wish I had hours to read it all as well – there are some amazing blogs, forums etc out there and I am constantly blown away by the talent and creativity of writers.

  2. I hate how limited I am on I would LOVE to switch to and have more freedom. I have ideas and plans for how I want my blog to look but I have little to no technical know how on how to do it :p

    So yes, I have blog envy big time

    • Nice to hear I am not alone in my envy. 🙂 I will have to check out – I am not technically inclined either so I like the ability to just click a “theme” and have a new and improved look. Although I would guess as my blog grows and matures, like you, I’ll definitely want more freedom and flexibility to turn it into my vision. Have you thought of taking an html or css course so you can gain more design control?

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