My inspiration…laughing with friends and a day spent reading

First snowfall - winter 2010

First Snowfall - Winter 2010

This weekend was spent relaxing at the camp. Friday evening we arrived and settled in quickly with a fire. Friends stopped by for a visit and we talked, told stories, and laughed for hours. It made me realize how much I absolutely love laughing with friends. There is no better feeling in the world than spending an evening cracking up, giggling, and enjoying a few spurts of rolling-on-the-floor laughter. At the end of the evening, Scott and I went to bed exhausted and on a little “high”. It reminded me of the value and importance of friendship and how blessed I am to have such wonderous people in my life.

Saturday, Scott left in the early morning hours to go hunting; leaving me to my own devices. After sleeping in, I got up and made a huge pot of steaming hot coffee. Around that time, it started gently snowing – the first winter snowfall with huge fat snowflakes that appeared light and feathery. Everything sparkled and looked clean and pristine. Stunning.

Instead of getting down to the business of “doing something,” I curled up under my warm blanket, sat on the couch by a roaring fire, enjoyed my hot coffee and watched. The silence of the camp lending itself to a near meditative state, deep relaxation, the snow memorizing, the beauty of the nature around me filling my heart with pure joy and a sense of simple love – now that’s the way to spend a Saturday!

After enjoying the peacefulness of it all, I settled in with a good book and just watched the day melt away as I read and napped.

Saturday’s like that leave me feeling rested, nurtured, calm, at peace, and inspired. For me, it’s a day of indulgence and perfection where I give myself what I love to do most for a long bout of time. Not sneaking in a chapter here or there, not reading after an exhausting day managing to get one page in before dozing off for the night. A day spent with no time tables, no tasks, nothing more to do than lose myself in the glorious written word.

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