Sex drive: a curse or a gift?

Recently, a friend of mine and I were talking about sex drives. A few years younger than me, she was saying that her drive, which has always been healthy, kicked into insane overdrive, to the point where it’s all she thinks about and wants. With no steady partner in her life, she’s struggling because self pleasuring is no longer sufficient. She’s craving the real deal and is sincerely worried that she could make unhealthy decisions or choices just to “get a piece.”

I asked her if there was any way she could bottle it up and share the wealth.

At nearly 36 years old, I’ve been waiting for my drive to “kick into insane overdrive” for about three years. My mother said she noticed a real different at 35 so I figured given genetics, I could expect a similar experience. So far, I haven’t noticed any real change – for the better or worse.

What I have found is that my drive goes through such varied peaks and valleys. Some weeks, its perfection and my husband and I enjoy fairly regular activity and my ability for pleasure comes easily and naturally. While other weeks, I feel like it’s in the toilet, bogged down by work and life stress. Whenever we are on vacation, it skyrockets and I become a sex goddess divine. With no worries or stresses weighing me down, I thrive. So I understand that for me, life’s ups and downs play a huge role in my drive.

What I’d like now is some consistency regardless of what’s going on in my life. How do I hold onto that “carefree” vacation attitude while living in the real world? How do I let pressures of work and everyday life not bog me down at home with exhaustion and stress?

Scott sometimes asks me “can vacation-Natalie come out to play today?” and I wish I could answer “absolutely” a lot more often!

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