Weight loss boot camp: an update

Twelve days ago, I posted about embarking on a weight loss boot camp. My vision: to lose 10 pounds in a little over five weeks. I thought the short-term, intense focus of a “boot camp” would help me stay on track.

So how’s it going? Well, I am writing to report that in 12 days, I’ve actually put on two pounds! I think I walked the dog once, never even so much as sat my ass on the Pilates reformer (although I stared at it quite a bit while watching TV), and I ate my face off at restaurants and at home with fabulous baked goods and no will power.

What’s the problem? I’ve pinned it down to one key element that I am missing that Barbara mentioned in her comment on my Making dreams come true: an update post. I need the “just do it” attitude!

I think Barbara hit the nail on the head – you can have the greatest plan in the world but if you don’t “just do it,” you’ll get nowhere.

It’s a new day and a new week. Here’s to not looking back, no self-criticism or negative self-talk! I am going to stop “thinking” about losing weight, stop writing about losing weight, and I am going to “just do it!” already!



  1. Simply acknowledging that the first week didn’t go as planned is good. You got it ‘out there’ and now you can move on to a new week, as you noted without any self-blame.
    Dieting is a challenge for all of us, I have such trouble sticking to a plan here as I’m an emotional eater. Commitment doesn’t always work for me, but having a plan and a goal in site is helpful. I’m the worst kind of dieter, I need the immediacy of something like getting ready to meet a new guy and knowing he’ll eventually see me naked- that’s a motivator!

  2. Here’s to a great weight loss week 2 for you! “Just do it” is a process and an ongoing (at least for me) overpowerment of my brain. I’ll add another one to the mix – “just because you didn’t do it yesterday (or last week or whenever) doesn’t mean you can’t do it now.” I use that one to win against my brain telling me that all is lost if I have a hiccup or get off of schedule. For example: So I have three cookies when I planned to only have one? No brain, that doesn’t mean we can now eat cookies until dawn. 😦

    • LOVE that!!! 🙂 So true! I used the same technique to quit smoking over six years ago and it worked beautifully (that and the patch). Thanks for the fabulous advice and motivation – just what I need to hear!


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