Stories that make your heart sing

Today, on Delicacies, Walker posted a great feel good sports video that brought tears to my eyes and filled me with gratitude for such examples of incredible humanity. It was about a young high school football player with Down’s Syndrome playing in a regular game. He made the news with his touchdown because it was a story about how the two teams came together to help the young man fulfill his football dream. The story is deeply touching and moving.

It reminded me of another sports story from about four years ago that I have watched numerous times, and which always brings tears to my eyes. It’s inspirational and touching and a wonderment to see such human spirit. Enjoy the story of Jason McElwain.

I just love amazing stories like these that fill you with inspiration and “feel goodness”. Know of any others?


Making dreams come true: an update

In September, I wrote a post on how to make dreams come true. I put together a list of goals/tasks to help me reach my dream of creating a successful blog. So how’s that been going for me? Let’s see.

1. Write and post one blog post a week

In September, I posted on my blog four times. October was sheer insanity for me and I only managed to write three posts for the entire month. November is off to a bang up start with five posts already. 

What I am finding is a schedule and editorial calendar are essential to keeping me on track and focused. In September and October when I didn’t have anything written down or structured, I was easily distracted and lead astray. Towards the end of October, when I created an ambitious editorial calendar for November, I was able to “bite” into it and gain traction. The key is to find a posting balance that I can maintain so that readers can get used to a routine and flow.

How often do you post? What’s a good posting regime? Every day, three times a week, once a week?

2. Write a post at the beginning of each month, starting in October, outlining my achievements and feelings thus far

Okay, so October was pretty much nonexistent for me but November is shaping up okay.

3. Follow a variety of blogs weekly and make at least two comments per week

I am definitely following a variety of blogs each week and enjoying it. I love reading the different perceptions and voices out there; blogs on sexuality, happiness, life, writingrelationships, widowhood, etc. It’s amazing. I am not sure if I am commenting twice per week so this is definitely something I want to improve on.

4. Research and seek out new blogs that can help me grow and learn, find at least six

This task has proven extremely helpful. I love reading and exploring. I am learning by looking at others – as hyperlinked above – the types of posts I want to write and I gain inspiration and ideas for posts. I think this is something that comes easy and naturally to me because when I find a blog I enjoy, I always peruse the blogroll to see what other gems I can find.

5. Buy the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (31DBBB) eBook


6. Join and follow the 31DBBB Group (and complete all the exercises) facilitated by Walker

Although I still have a few steps left to complete, this task has been amazing and has taught me so much. The editorial calendar, highlighting a blogger each month, how to comment on other blogs, different avenues to explore to promote your blog – the lessons and the group interactions proved to be invaluable!

So, I have definitely had some wins and still have areas to improve on but so far, so good!

What do you do to achieve your goals and dreams? Any specific techniques that you’ve found work?

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