The blog elevator pitch (Day one of 31DBBB)

I started the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workshop and am enjoying it to the fullest. I have fallen behind slightly with my insane workload right now but none the less, I was able to carve out some time to work on our day one task this week, which actually took me three evenings to complete. I gotta say, it was harder than I anticipated and took far more time than I anticipated. But, no point in rushing through the work – I took my time, invested in the exercise, and feel like I got a lot out of it!

Our first task/day was to create an Elevator Pitch. Something short, sweet and to the point that encapsulates the blog and allows you to quickly “sell” it to anyone. I was surprised to find the task so challenging. It helped me realize how unfocused I have been. When I asked myself “why a blog, what is the purpose, the solution, the audience…” the answers didn’t come quickly or easily. I am not selling something; I am not an expert or a professional offering a service. In the end, my blog is more a creative venue for my own personal expression. I want to share my life story and my life experiences with others in the hopes of helping and possibly inspiring others to attain personal growth. As well, I want to chronicle my experience and the challenges of writing a book in the hopes of engaging others so we can help one another grow as writers.

I started wondering if I should perhaps have two blogs – one on living life and one on writing a book, or two pages on my blog, or use categories etc. The confusion was intense. In the end, to complete the mission set out before us, I separated my two “goals” and created separate elevator pitches for each. Then, I worked to put them together into one. And with the help of my fellow 31DBBB participants, I fine tuned it to:

Throughout my life, journaling has been a godsend, a healer, and instilled a love and joy for writing and getting lost in the written word. This blog is a creative outlet to share my story and my unique perspective on life to hopefully inspire others to attain personal growth. It is also a venue to chronicle the adventure of writing a book in the hopes engaging others so we can help one another grow as writers.

Task/Day One done – check!

Task/Day Two – write a list post – coming up…


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