Making My Blog Dream Come True

I sometimes find myself frustrated that I don’t always live the day-to-day life that I want to live – the authentic routine that I feel is crying out from within me to be lived. In my dream lifestyle, I see myself eating healthy (salmon and salad for supper) and feeling energized, maybe I do a round of Pilates and walk the dog just before dark, sit down for an hour and write a blog post or work on a scene for my book, grab a hot shower, and finish off the evening with passionate love making with my hubbie. I realize attaining this every single night may not be possible but it seems like I let a serious TV addiction and a million other distractions like cleaning the house, chatting on the phone, and running errands come before the things I need to do to achieve my dream lifestyle more than 90% of the time. What stops me from making a commitment and sticking with it – habit, fear, disbelief that I can achieve these dreams? The past two weeks especially, some overwhelming work priorities and a family visit has left me feeling even more deflated, fatigued, and unmotivated.

Timely, today I was reading a post on Women’s Life Link (what a great site) about the “6 Steps to a Dream Come True” and it inspired me – giving me what I love most, structure and direction. I am going to use this post to reenergize myself ! I love the easy steps, the examples she provides, and the enthusiasm in her tone and approach. And I like how I can apply this strategy to a variety of dreams – lifestyle goals, lifelong dreams, short-term ideas.

Natalie’s Current Dream List:

  1. Create and Sustain a Successful Blog
  2. Write and Publish a Successful Novel
  3. Create and Sustain “My Dream Lifestyle” 90% of the time
  4. Become a Fulltime Freelance Writer

Today, I am going to focus on Kellie’s 6 steps as applied to my first dream: Create and Sustain a Successful Blog. Over the coming months, I plan to outline steps to achieve all four dreams.

Step One: Inception
Create and sustain a successful blog. Successful on a variety of levels: 1) in terms of something I enjoy doing, feel proud of, and is a reflection of who I am; 2) good readership with regard to comments, blog hits, links to my posts etc; and 3) feel like I am a somewhat known and respected blogger.

Step Two: No Looking Back
Okay – stay focused – stay centered. This is no time to criticize myself or beat myself up for all the posting I am “not” doing. I need to stay centered on what I am accomplishing and what does feel good!

Step Three: Set Goals
Goals need to be specific, measurable and time-targeted. Okay – I can do this – no pressure! Be realistic – nothing out of this world. This is the structure, the guts of the strategy, the thing I can come back to time and time again to enable me, motivate me, and move me forward – like it or not. No time to be stagnant.

Over the next three months (now until December 31, 2010), I will:

  • Write and post one blog post a week
  • Write a post at the beginning of each month, starting in October, outlining my achievements and feelings thus far (see Step Five)
  • Follow a variety of blogs weekly and make at least two comments per week
  • Research and seek out new blogs that can help me grow and learn, find at least six
  • Buy the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (31DBBB) eBook
  • Join and follow the 31DBBB Group (and complete all the exercises) on A Page of My Own facilitated by Walker

Considering I am such a newbie, I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to have a really good grasp on what other kinds of goals to set to help me achieve this dream but I think this is good start. I want to set goals that are definitely attainable and I think the list above will keep me moving forward and help me establish some good habits while being goals I can realistically achieve.

Then, in December, I will evaluate where I am at, what I’ve accomplished, and what I’ve learned, and will apply that new knowledge to create longer term goals for 2011 to continue on this dream quest.

Step Four: Invest Time, Emotion, and Effort Wisely
Work smarter instead of harder – I am not exactly sure what is meant by this step. I realize staying positive and keeping my heart, mind, and spirit focused on the positive outcomes and how it will change my life will help manifest said dream and will in and of itself, enable me to work smarter. Step five will definitely assist in this. But at the same time, I feel like I am missing something – tasks – tangible things I could physically do to work smarter.

A few months ago, I was finding it a struggle to drag my laptop (heavy beast) to the camp on weekends where I do the majority of my writing (let alone drag it everywhere I go). I needed something light, easy, and portable. So, I bought a Netbook, which is essentially a mini laptop, and it is ideal for taking everywhere I go…with ease.


Natalie's Pink Netbook

I think this type of idea is definitely in the realm of working smarter, not harder. I wonder what other “smart” ideas I can come up with that can help me streamline while reaching my goals – suggestions?

Step Five: Track Your Progress
Each day/week, I will jot down my accomplishments in regards to my goals. I will also be sure to include ones that I may not have listed but managed to squeeze in none the less.

I will write a post at the beginning of each month to share my “wins” that will also serve as a positive summary for myself – reiterating where I am, where I am going, what I am doing about it, and the damn good time I am having getting there.

Step Six: Enjoy
Starting from step one, I will complete each of the six steps in order and at the end of the process, I will celebrate – and enjoy!! Isn’t that what it’s all about in the end? There is nothing better in life than making your own dreams come true!

How do you make your dreams come true? How do you live authentically? How do you make yourself, your needs and dreams, a priority in your own life?



  1. Thanks for the mention. I totally relate to the drifting off course, TV addiction and all the number of things that get in the way. At the end of a day I wonder what I accomplished.
    I love your 6 step plan and will go check out the blog you mention.


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