He should have just heeded my advice…

Doesn’t he understand yet…I know everything!

For the past few weeks, Scott and I have been on the hunt for a used, but in decent condition, sectional couch for our camp – that we have affectionately named HarKen Lodge. Now, with a name like that, one would quite likely picture a lovely little cottage, perhaps sitting on water, maybe an A-frame – stunning wood interior, cozy, comfortable, warm, loft-like but…ahhh…no, that’s not quite it.
HarKen Lodge

HarKen Lodge

Harken Lodge is about 45 minutes outside of the city. It’s a 13-year old, 3 bedroom hunting camp in the middle of nowhere – quite literally. It isn’t situated on water but the one-acre lot is absolutely gorgeous surrounded by giant hardwood and softwood trees. There are about 30 other camps in the area, creating a little community. Most use the camps during hunting season but there are about a dozen or more of us who use them more like a weekend/cottage get-away. There is no running water, septic, or electricity although with a generator, it has nearly all the comforts of home.

We bought the camp about a year ago and have been fine tuning it to our liking ever since. We put in a new wood stove, new steel roof, and updated the bedrooms – it’s a work in progress. I tease Scott that when we are done with it, it’ll be more like a cottage than a camp since we have a hard time doing anything half ass! We are already talking about new kitchen cabinets, and installing a propane-powered shower. God help me.

Now, you wouldn’t think it would be difficult to find a gently used sectional at a decent price but low and behold, they are hard to come by. Add to that, with our dog Tess (a nine-year-old, 50-pound duck toller), we need something a little more rugged.

Tess - Dog


TEss- Dog


After weeks of searching online, we finally snagged one. Someone had advertised an upcoming fundraising yard sale and with amazing forethought, Scott contacted them in advance to see if they had a sectional and if so, would they be so kind as to let us peruse it ahead of the big day. Yes they did – and yes they were willing! I was so excited! Other than flooring, this was the final piece to my living room transformation.

When we got to the house, the garage door was open and I could see from the road that the sectional was perfect! Exactly what I had hoped to find – a corduroy-type sectional. A gorgeous deep gray, it was in pristine shape – looked like it had never been used – was the perfect size and the price was to die for! Perfection!

I was tickled pink.

Scott and I managed to maneuver the couch onto our trailer (which is 8 feet wide by 16 feet long with an 8X3 huge wooden box on the front). We also had our $10 BBQ laying flat (another great find for the camp). We put the smaller of the two pieces first, tight against the BBQ, and then the larger piece. Just as we were finishing securing the precious cargo, I made mention to Scott that the middle piece of the couch wasn’t actually strapped down – the straps went from the BBQ, up and over the larger piece.

With a certain level of smugness and “irritation” at my notation, he informed me that it was strapped on tight and wasn’t going anywhere. He just hates it when I ask a million question – jeeze – fine! You are the man – this is your area of expertise – you obviously know what you are doing!

Off we went.

We hit the open road and headed of the city cruising along at a nice speed of 110 (km/hour) when all of a sudden, we heard a car coming up behind us laying on the horn. A quick peek in the review mirror and we could see that some guy, driving a car, was flashing his lights and essentially carrying on like a mad man. Very odd.

The guy passed us, and then slowed down and pulled over indicating with his arm out the window that we should pull up beside him. We did and I rolled down the window and the guy was just purple.

“HOLY shit lady, you lost a couch back there. The thing flew off your trailer and must have went 50 feet straight up in the air!”

I near died! I thanked him profusely, smiling and gently laughing as I rolled up the window, “thank you so much sir, oh no big deal, hahahaha, we’ll just jet back there and pick it up….teehee – you are such a doll for stopping us!”

As soon as the window seals, I turn to Scott with venom in my eyes and disgust in my tone as I spit at him “I fawking knew it, I fawking knew it, I told you to strap that shit down!”


Yes, as men everywhere groan reading this, the small center piece, that I had suggested be strapped, has flown the coop – quite literally! Scott’s worse nightmare.

And let me tell you, getting a Santa Fe and a 16 foot trailer turned around on a rural highway with no shoulder is no small task. I was certain by the time we got to the darn sectional it was going to be toast – especially after taking such a flight but much to my surprise, when we finally got back to it, other than a small tear in the back corner, it survived the trip to the heavens relatively unscathed.

Lucky for Scott!

Alas, it was a quiet rest of the ride to the camp but…all in all, now we have this hilarious story to share at dinner parties everywhere!

HarKen Adventures continue…stay tuned…



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