Age appropriateness…in all its glory!


Serenity Tatto

My bestfriend called to tell me she got “inked” this past weekend. She was away for work and decided to get her first tattoo, the Chinese symbol for serenity on the inside of her forearm. She said it didn’t hurt much and is quite small. For her, it’s something she’s always wanted and after a tough year, it was symbolic and meaningful to do this for herself.

I have often thought about getting a tattoo. My personal favorite is the glorious tramp stamp across the lower back. I find them quite sexy and alluring. Some sort of colorful, fancy scroll low enough that most pants would cover it – seen when wearing a bikini, or panties. Very hot! I think I’d love it and feel very sexy with it.

That being said, although I’ve always admired tattoos (tasteful ones, let’s not get crazy), I’ve never gone ahead and done it. Not for fear of pain since needles don’t really bother me and I think I could take it. Honestly, it comes down to “is this age appropriate?” At 35, I find myself actually asking that question more and more lately – like I am in some sort of transition. Things that I never used to stop and think about bring me to pause.

A couple of weeks ago, Scott and I were out shopping at one of my favorite spots. I found a great little jean skirt and fell inlove immediately. It was that great demin color and fit JUST like a perfect pair of jeans. I instantly felt like a super model. It had all kinds of stretch in it so it fit right in all the right places. Yes, I’ll admit, it was a tad on the shorter side but I thought with a pair of sexy heeled sandals, I’d be fabulous. Look out runway, here I come!

So as I come out of the change room dramatically stomping the runway full of confidence and very excited to show Scott – I caught a glimpse of another woman coming out of the change room and INSTANTLY thought “wow, she’s obviously in her mid-30s trying desperately to hang on to her 20s…poor thing…”. I felt enormous camaraderie – I know it’s tough letting go of the those “cute” clothes for the grown up versions….

Then I clued in…

“Oh shit – that’s me!”

Head hung low in embarrassment I did still come out and show Scott, who of course, loved it!

“What’s wrong baby, you look so hot in that!”

I know he’s picturing me wearing it in the bedroom (he’s got on what I like to call his preverbal bedroom goggles.) Wonderful sentiment my love but not quite realistic!

Back to the change room, I knew I had to part with my beloved skirt. If I bought it, I knew I’d only admire it in my closet, never having the balls to wear it, knowing deep down that I don’t think it’s age appropriate. My mind seared with that first image and thought of myself in the mirror. My love for the skirt now tainted. Ah…for a few moments, ignorance was such bliss.

Which brings me back to the tattoo. Am I told old for a hot, tramp stamp? What is the age appropriate of tattoos?

Deep down, I know that age is a state of mind (as is our ideas about age appropriateness). We are only as old as feel. And, I know we are only bound by the rules and boundaries we put on ourselves. But alas, sometimes the idea of people snickering behind my back “my god, is she for real?” really does get to me.

Hmmmm…we’ll see!!!



  1. I totally get it. I wonder sometimes about what is considered ‘appropriate’ and did a post as well a week or so ago on A Woman’s Page.
    I think age is a state of mind but some things just don’t work. The skirt might look great on you, but for me at age 56 I’d probably look like a slut!

    • I absolutely agree. It’s great if what other people think isn’t a worry for someone or at 63 you actually feel 35 – that should be celebrated. At the same time, I think we need to be honest with ourselves about the statement we are making with what we wear, how we behave etc, and ask ourselves “is that who I want to be?” Thanks for the great comment – I laughed outloud – loved it! 🙂

  2. My mom got her first tattoo (a tramp stamp) shortly after she turned 50 and she loves it….hehe. I totally love telling people that my mom 53 year old mother has a tramp stamp…lol. Mind you, she doesn’t wear low cut pants for the world to see her tattoo. BTW…I think you should get one Nat, it would look totally hot on you:o)

    • I LOVE your Mom – that rocks Jenn! It’s never too late and you are never too old to live life out loud and follow your dreams. Rockin’! You never know…I may get one yet…LOL!! With a vote of confidence like that, how could I not!! hehehe…thanks so much Jenn! 🙂

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