A memorable memorial

On the one-year anniversary of Mamma K’s death, August 1, 2010, her friends and family gathered to celebrate her life. The first thing we did was to errect a roadside memorial. The stretch of road where she died is on a fairly busy road and is part of an open field before the city airport. Scott built a gorgeous large cross, stained it a wonderful dark, rich stain, and had a plaque mounted that says:
In Loving Memory of
Donna J. Kennie
April 5, 1949 – August 1, 2009
A gift to all who knew her.
Roadside Memorial

Roadside memorial


Roadside cross plaque

 As Jordan and I stood together watching Scott put the superspike into the ground and mount the cross, we were overwelcomed with emotions. For Jordan, I can only begin to imagine the memories, the pain, and the trauma that shakes him to the very core anytime he comes to this resting place.
For me, I not only remember Mamma K, but I felt her spirit and her presence wrapping us all in her arms of love!
Afterwards, we all headed to cemetary in Bains Corner, where Scott and his sisters grew up. We bought a burial plot and headstone to mark a spot so that family and friends would feel like they have “some place to go” and be with her.
Her daughter started off the service by welcoming everyone and sharing some stories about her. Scott took a turn as did many others. I could feel her spirit so strongly. I knew she was with us.
Afterwards, Scott and I arranged to have alloon Release Ceremony. Each person who attended wrote a message to Mamma K on a small piece of paper. We filled up over 40 red balloons (MADD Canada official color is red) and we attached those messages to the balloons. When we were all ready, I spoke:
Today we let a balloon go for you. The life and meaning you have brought to our lives will never be extinguished. It is forever ours to guide our steps. As we watch the balloon disappear out of sight, we feel it lifting away the grief, the sorrow, the anger, the pain, and the heartache…
and we all let go of the balloons….
It was incredible, moving, emotional and had a sense of “awe” to it as we all watched these balloons float higher and higher, reaching out to Mamma K in heaven, carrying messages of love and adoration to her. It was one of the most intense ceremonies I’ve ever had the honor to take part in.
Balloon ceremony

Balloon ceremony


Balloon ceremony


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